Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12 Handmade Days of Christmas: Day 8 Skirt Apron

I'm a huge fan of one yard wonders and this tutorial is easy and looks sweet. I love one yard wonders especially when I love a bold quilter's cotton fabric, but know that a full blown skirt or dress would look cray cray. This is a quick handmade gift and can be modified with all sorts of embellishments and trims. You can change the style of pocket, you can use ribbon for ties, or you can add a bib. Have fun with this one!

Materials Needed:
  1. One yard of Quilter's Cotton
  2. Contrasting fabric for the pockets in two 5x5 squares
  3. 3 Yard Package of Quilter's Bias Tape or Ribbon
  4. Thread
  1. Quick Note: One yard should be enough for two small sized skirt aprons.
  2. Lay the yard of fabric out with the selvedge towards you and the fold away from you. Cut along the fold line so you have two long rectangles.
  3. Cut two squares in your contrasting fabric. Mine were 5x5inches. Cut four squares if you are making two aprons.
  4. Hem the edges of the pockets and the edges of one of the fabric rectangles.
  5. Pin the pocket squares onto the apron fabric.
  6. Top stitch the pockets to the apron fabric. Make sure to leave one side open for your hand to go in.
  7. Gather the top of the apron. To gather fabric. Put your machine on its longest stitch setting. Do two rows of long running stitches. Make sure to leave long thread tails on both ends of the running stitches.
  8. Pull the threads on the top and start gathering the fabric. Play with the gathers until they are fairly even all the way across.
  9. Take the large bias tape and sandwich the gathered top of the apron between the folded edges. Make sure to leave long tail ends for apron ties. 
  10. Pin in place and sew from one end of tail, across the apron, and to the end of the other tail. 
  11. (This is the quickest way to do this! If you are an experienced sewer than you know the proper several-step way to properly sew on bias tape. By all means experienced sewers, have at it!) 

Sweet Reminder No.8: Choose Kindness!
This time of year seems to bring out the very worst in me. It brings out my short temper, my insecurities, and my control freak nature. I am often tired, hyped up on way too much sugar and caffeine, and snap! I am working very hard not to go there this year. 

I am choosing kindness and not just for others, but also for myself. I choose to be kind to my tired feet and my tired brain. I work a full-time job. There is no maid, housekeeper, accountant, party planner, baker at my house... there is just me and the Pookie. So rather than choose grumpy obligation, I choose kindness to me. A little kindness to me then I can direct that kindness outward. Then, I can really pour out love and kindness on others. A well-rested, plucky, full of gumption me is much better than the caffeinated meanie version. Choose kindness, choose peace, choose joy or choose stress. It is up to you!

If you need help with the tutorial, let me know in the comments below!


  1. These would be great gifts! I've been meaning to purchase a sewing machine and teach myself how to sew again.

  2. How gorgeous! What a great idea, just in time for Christmas!

    xo Fal