Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day Two: Freedom to Dream

Write absolutely every Dream and Goal you have. Today is the day to pour your hopes  onto paper.

Personally, there is nothing quite as beautiful to me as a fresh notebook and clean page. (I also have a thing for brand new books that creak when you open them.) I prefer to actually hand write my lists. So grab a new notebook, a new sketch pad if you like to draw things out, or even type it on whatever electronic device you will actually go back and review later. 

Please do not edit yourself. Please do not let that little nagging voice in the back of your head prevent you from writing something down. Write it all down!! You are not required to share your list with anybody. Don’t write something because you are secretly thinking of a certain person(s) and hoping for their approval. This isn’t a test and there will not be a test at the end of these 31 days. There will not be anyone to red-pen your ideas and goals. This is all you baby! So go ‘head write it all down. I’m cheering you on and doing a happy dance for you all at the same time!!  
:: Doing the Cabbage Patch while saying 
“Go You, Go You, Go You” ::
Yeah, I’m goofy like that.

Tomorrow you and I will meet back here to sort it all out. 
For now, be free to dream.

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  1. What an inspiring idea! I'll be breaking out a notebook later on today. Oh, and I LOVE the name of your blog.

    1. Interesting. . . I never really think about dreaming any more. Life has been so busy and I've been so busy living. . . that I've actually forgotten how to dream. I don't have the kinds of dreams I had when my children were small. . . now, they're all grown up and I suppose it's time to start dreaming new dreams. I'm going to go buy a new notebook (something really pretty/fancy), and I'm going to start dreaming again.

  2. Ok, I did it! WOO HOO!! Once I got started it was like a breakthrough in a writer's block- once a breakthrough, I couldn't stop writing! The funny thing is that the notebook I chose to use has our company's logo on it "HELLO HUMANKINDNESS".