Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day Three: Organizing and Categorizing

Take your list of dreams and categorize them.

 A good place to start may be thematic, such as financial, professional, hobbies, physical, mental, etc.;
     You can do it chronologically, such as, three month goals, six month goals, 1 year goals, 5 year goals;
You can categorize them by order of import;
     You can draw out your dreams in a bubble chart or web chart.
Personally, I am a girl whose lists often have sub-lists. The goal here is to begin to break down your goals into manageable bite sized pieces. Do not get overwhelmed and begin to edit your goals and cross things out. We are only at day three! NO EDITING! NO being suddenly afraid and allowing that fear to edit who you’ve poured out onto paper. Embrace hope and future possibilities. All we are doing is organizing your thoughts!

Here is what I do. I buy a really pretty notebook and dream freely. Then I categorize thematically. Some suggested categories are financial, career, spiritual, mental health, physical health, health, artistic, home decorating, or projects. Whatever categories make the most sense to you.  I also am a big fan of sticky-tabs and other office supplies that make things visually appealing and organized. Now, this may not work for you so I would encourage you to do what does work for you. Organize your thoughts. Please feel free to add to your list as new things pop into your head. 

If you want to stay here for a few days and really think about how to organize your dreams, feel free to do so. Stay on this journey with me. We will break this down into tiny pieces together.  Please feel free to share how you have chosen to categorize your lists.

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