Monday, October 7, 2013

Day Seven: Realistic Timelines

Let’s go from dreaming to planning! You are not going  to accomplish everything or start working on everything all at once. Here is where some pretty nitty-gritty scheduling comes in so let’s stop and ask ourselves some pretty vital questions:

1. Is there anything that can be done in a day? Hour? Few minutes?
2. What on my list is going to be a gradual commitment over time?
3. What on my list can wait until next year? Next month? Next week?
4. Do any items on my list build on another item or require that other items on my list be completed first?
5. Can I put in place back-up plans if things go awry and I don’t do a certain item during its scheduled time?

This is another way of prioritizing items on your list. If something can be done in a day, then pick a day and do it! There is nothing like crossing something off a list to get you going and to build encouragement for the items that will require baby steps over time. I grabbed my calendar and decided that there were three things I wanted to work on before the end of the year; all of which are gradual in nature and will require small daily commitments. They also coincide with my thematic prioritizing: spiritual, health, and career (which is also part financial).

Number One: Pray and Read the Bible Everyday
Number Two: Lose 20 pounds
Number Three: Prepare a business plan for an idea I have been playing around with.

You don’t have to pick your top three. You can start with one item on your list. You can start with five if you realistically can time commit to five goals all at once. Whatever you plan to start with, make sure that you are realistic about how long it will take to accomplish. Also be realistic about what time you want to, should, and can commit to each day. 

REMEMBER you can always adjust and reassess your timelines, priorities, and daily commitments! The main goal is to get from dreaming to planning.

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