Saturday, November 8, 2014

12 Handmade Days of Christmas: Day3 Slouchy Clutch

Welcome to Day Three of the 12 Handmade Days of Christmas! Today's tutorial is the slouchy zippered clutch. I made mine from some sweet purple upholstery suede I found on sale at the fabric store. I bought the 16 inch metal zipper in the Los Angeles garment district. If you are ever in the LA area, check out the stores on Maple Avenue between 8th and 9th streets. They have great notions and knit fabrics.

Here is what you will need for this project:  
  1. 16 inch Metal Zipper
  2. Fabric with enough yardage to cut two 17 x 20inch rectangle from your main fabric and your lining fabric.  I used purple suede and some striped purple lining.
  3. Matching Thread  
  4. Interfacing (optional for extra body)

Step by Step Instructions:
1. Cut four rectangles 16 x 20. Two rectangles from the main fabric and two rectangles from your lining fabric.

2. If your fabric needs extra body, cut interfacing and iron it onto your main fabric. My fabric was upholstery fabric; I only added interfacing to one side of my main fabric so the fold side would hold up better.

3. Unzip your zipper so you can attach the body pieces to it. On one side of your zipper layer your pieces: Lay your lining right side up, your zipper right side up, and your main fabric right side down.

4. Pin and Sew the pieces together on one side of the zipper and repeat on the other. (Some people prefer to sew with the zipper closed. There are multiple ways to skin a cat. Do what is easiest for you!)

5. Pin the fabrics together so the main fabric is touching rightsides together and the lining fabric is touching rightsides together. 

6. Sew the side seams of the lining fabric. Trim the edges

7. Sew the side seams of the main fabric. Trim the edges

8. Push the lining fabric into the main fabric of the clutch. 

I had some left over suede and lining fabric so I made a small envelope clutch and added some pleats to the front for details. Have fun with this tutorial. Don't stress over it. It is meant to be big, slouchy, and relaxed. It does not require everything to be perfect.

Sweet Reminder No. 3: Christmas is not only about traditions!
Christmas is about traditions. I hear this a lot. "Each year we do this or that and have done this or that for 20 years. Therefore, we must continue to do this or that even though we hate it because we have always done so." Now, does that make sense to you? Or does it just sound super exhausting and soooo not fun at all. Traditions are only traditions if you say they are. If you adhere to them slavishly then they become an obligation and not a sweet celebratory ritual. Check your heart and be honest with yourself. Who needs your obligation? Nobody.  If you don't want to do this or that, then don't! Free yourself to have a sweet peaceful Christmas.
Enjoy the tutorial! If you need help, feel free to ask in the comment section!!

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