Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Raspberry Muffins

Valentine's Day Raspberry Muffins | Plucky Gumption Copyright 2014
Add a pretty pink swirl to any muffin recipe with a large dollop of strawberry or raspberry preserves!
I used the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook Raspberry Breakfast Bun recipe, but you can easily adapt the idea to any basic muffin recipe. 

Step One: Make your muffin recipe and fill your muffin tins.

Step Two: Place a large dollop (1 tablespoon) of your favorite fruit preserve on top of the muffin batter. I used Bonne Maman Raspberry preserves. It is my absolute favorite. They also make delicious strawberry preserves and that jars are a great shape to clean and save for a later project.

Step Three: Swirl the preserves in with a clean knife or large toothpick.
Step Four: Bake as directed in the recipe.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. These look delicious and so pretty too! They would have been great to wake up to this morning :). I will have to try these. My daughter would love them.