Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day Thirteen: Overthinking Paralysis

A close cousin to talking too much is thinking too much about getting something done. I do this as well. Sometimes I won’t even share an idea with friends and family, I will kill it with over-analyzing and pessimism before it can even become a full fledged dream. I justify this pessimism as practicality and being rationale. To some degree perhaps I am being practical and rationale, but deep down I also know that I am being a Chicken Little.

One thing is to over-think something and delay in its execution until you have your head wrapped around a solid solution. Another thing is not to even get past a short-lived inkling and killing your own possibility for joy before you’ve even begun. That’s right! We kill our own possibility for joy because we allow fear to rule the day. I’m not advocating jumping headlong into something you know nothing about nor am I suggesting we move faster than our angel can fly, but I do not want to come out of this 31 days of moving forward to find myself in a chair watching others do while I’m too scared to put a toe in. I do not want that for your either Dear Reader. 

We can “Dream. Plan. Do.” until we are blue in the face, but I also know that I will gain nothing from all my dreaming and planning if at the end of the day I allow the same old nasty habits to creep in and take a foothold, whether it be procrastination, talking too much, or over-thinking paralysis. Maybe these aren’t your little old nasty bad habits and their mean cousins, but over the next few weeks I hope to get you thinking about what yours may possibly be and how to work to get through them! Hang in there! See you tomorrow as we begin some inner work in order to accomplish some outward dreams!

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