Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day Sixteen: Motivation Check No. 3 Revenge

“Success is the sweetest Revenge.” I have seen this nonsense all over Pinterest and I am sad to say that sometimes it creeps into my own heart. If there is anything on your list of goals and dreams that’s there because you are hoping some certain person will see it, and you will “show them” then maybe it should come off of your list until your motivation changes.

We’ve all been hurt by someone and we all know that we need to let it go. We also know, to some degree or another, that we won’t be forgiven unless we forgive, but then silliness creeps in. We need to check our motivation when we are motivated to accomplish some task in hope that a person who hurt us will see our accomplishment and somehow change their mind about us. 

If you are trying to make lasting changes and be all that God purposed you to be, then there should be no room to even care about how somebody else will react to what you are doing. This is a difficult one because it is rooted in some serious spiritual issues like jealousy and envy, resentment and bitterness, pride and insecurity. I am a human given to the same failings as the next gal so I am writing from an empathetic place. No accomplishment or success will really satisfy if you are constantly holding it up to see if someone else is taking notice. Likely they are not and they never will.

How to combat this? Deal with the underlying hurt. Deal with the root spiritual problem. Don’t strive and strive and strive only to be disappointed that “certain person” didn’t notice. Bear with me we are almost through the nitty gritty motivational checks!

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